Salt River Acres Bluegrass Festival

926 S. Greendale Road, Shepherd, MI

40 TH ANNUAL SALT RIVER BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL JULY 26-28, 2018 Hello Salt River Family: As many of you are aware, Salt River Acres is a state licensed campground offering a wide variety of applications from receptions, reunions, picnics, concerts, festivals, and even the occasional camp-out with friends. Let us know your needs and desires and we will try to fulfill all your wishes. We even have a Reverend and a wedding planner on staff to assist in making your wedding dreams come true. A stylized ceremony unique to each couple with your personal vision of your wedding day always in the forefront. After 40 years of producing the Bluegrass Festival, we believe we are the longest running individually run festival in existence. It has been a wonderful experience and continues to bring joy to us and our bluegrass family. Much has changed over the years, beside the fact that we are all 40 years older. Our friendships have developed and deepened over time. We have watched families grow and expand. We have delighted in the birth of our friends babies and mourned the loss of those that have passed. We have watched the children grow from infants to adults and have rejoiced in the privilege and honor of sharing in the weddings and sometimes hosting the event. Our love for our bluegrass family is deep and continues to grow.
George takes great pleasure and pride in finding new talent to present to our bluegrass family. This years event will showcase a lot of new talent on our stage. Remember, that beloved group of yours was once the newcomer to the lineup. We also have some great young talent to present to you this year, next year they might be the group you cannot wait to see. The 2018 festival will bring to our fans the exceptional quality and outstanding performances you have become accustomed to enjoying at Salt River Acres.