Kim Robins deserves to be taken seriously as a vocalist, songwriter, and band leader in bluegrass music. ”

— John Lawless, Bluegrass Today

It appears that Kim has spent her time not only honing her craft, but also finding her voice and knowing exactly who she is as a singer.”

— Prescription Bluegrass

Kim is a real-life songwriter, singer, and seasoned artist. Her band is enthusiastic and the crowd was entertained by their professional sound. ”

— Ron McCance, McCance Cabin Series

With her abundant talent and grown-up outlook, hers gives every indication of being a career bluegrass fans will want to follow.”

— Jerome Clark, Rambles.NET

Since Merlefest has often served as a launching pad for rising talent, fans spread the word about new [buzz] bands like Kim Robins and 40 Years Late. ”

— Merlefest 2014 Wrap up Newsletter

We should all be so fortunate after waiting forty years. ”

— Bluegrass Unlimited

I loved Kim Robin's new project, Raining In Baltimore, from the moment it started. I was mesmerized the entire time it was playing. I just love her voice and the emotion she put into each song. I played it numerous times and found something new and exciting each time I heard it. ”

— Al Shusterman-KUBU Radio