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Hurricane - New Single from Kim Robins 

Pinecastle Records has released a new single for Kim Robins, the lead-off track for her upcoming album with the label, Leave The Porch Light On. 

It’s one called Hurricane – a perfect song for this time of year – written by Alan Johnson, and recorded with assistance from Duane Estep on mandolin, Clay Hess on guitar and banjo, Brennan Hess on bass, and Tim Crouch on fiddle. They give a punchy, mid-tempo bluegrass feel to this song about how a false-hearted lover can make you feel like you are living inside…

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You and Christmas Cookies from Kim Robins 


Pinecastle Records has a new release from Kim Robins, her first ever Christmas single. It’s one she wrote called You and Christmas Cookies, which takes a bluesy bluegrass look at the annual baking tradition. Think a modern Jingle Bell Rock with some hot fiddle and banjo pickin’. 

She cut the track at Clay Hess’ studio, with him on guitar, bass, and mandolin. Ron Block played banjo with Tim Crouch adding the fiddle. 

Kim says that the song came from her wanting to put a happier face on some trying times. 

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Salt River Bluegrass Festival is resurrected for 2019 and beyond 


Last year was a sad one for fans of the long-running Salt River Bluegrass Festival in Midland, MI. The event was a dream fulfilled for promoter George Carr, who had run it on his property the past 40 years. 

But shortly before the July festival in 2018, Carr was suddenly taken ill and he barely made it long enough to attend his last one. His wife Kris, who had assisted with the festival since it began, announced beforehand that it would be the last for everyone, as she couldn’t imagine continuing…

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I'll Always Be A Gambler from Kim Robins & 40 Years Late 

When Indiana bluegrass singer and songwriter Kim Robins reformed her band not long ago, she was at pains to insist that it would be a band effort and not just a backup group for her as a leader. 

And she has proved that point with today’s release of the first new single from Kim Robins & 40 Years Late, entitled I’ll Always Be A Gambler. The song features the lead vocals of guitarist Kyle Estep, who Robins says she is delighted to highlight right out of the gate. 

“Having the opportunity to release a…

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Duane Estep to Kim Robins and 40 Years Late 

Kim Robins has announced the newest addition to her touring band, 40 Years Late. Duane Estep has joined the group on mandolin and vocals, stepping in for Dewayne Guffey who left the band last month. 

Duane has been a popular bluegrass picker in the Detroit area for some time, where he performed with regional acts like Livingston County Grass, Detroit Bluegrass Band, and New Country Grass. The latter is one he formed with his two sons, Kyle and Brent, making joining up with Kim into a homecoming of sorts…

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Josh Woods returns to Kim Robins & 40 Years Late 

Kim Robins is proud to announce the return of banjo picker Josh Woods to her touring band, 40 Years Late. Josh had been her original banjo man when the band was formed back in 2013, but day job commitments made it impractical for him to stay out on the road with the group, and the Indianapolis native stepped aside in 2014. 

But things have apparently changed, as Woods is back and rarin’ to go. 

“I am very excited to be a part of Kim Robins and 40 Years Late once again. I am proud of Kim and I look forward…

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Kim Robins and 40 Years Late chosen as an official IBMA Showcase Band in 2018  

The International Bluegrass Music Association has announced today the artists invited to the 2018 World of Bluegrass convention to showcase during the event’s Bluegrass Ramble. Each invited act will have at least two opportunities to perform during World of Bluegrass (September 25-27), which attracts decision makers and taste influencers from all over the world. Bluegrass Ramble artists are chosen with an eye towards selecting those who are ready for major career advancement, and more established artists…Read more

Kim Robins named as the newest member of the IBMA Songwriting Committee 

Kim Robins has been named the newest member of the IBMA Songwriting Committee. The Songwriting Committee helps facilitate events for fellow songwriters both during the World of Bluegrass week and throughout the year. Their goal, according to the IBMA website (, is to “enhance and grow our creative community, adding value to your IBMA membership.” Rick Lang, IBMA Songwriter Committee- Chair, had this to say, “Kim is a dedicated IBMA member, songwriter, recording artist who expressed an interest in…

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Kim Robins - Make Heart Healthy Choices 

Kim Robins, bluegrass singer, songwriter, and bandleader, has agreed to contribute an occasional column about staying healthy for touring artists. As a nurse, and a traveling musician, Kim has a keen awareness of the pitfalls of the lifestyle. Here is her first entry, about heart healthy lifestyle choices. As a nurse for over 25 years, I’ve dealt with my share of heartbreak over the loss of a patient or loved one. I wouldn’t say I’m not affected by death, but I have come to accept it as a part of life.…Read more

Kim Robins takes a spill on the ice 

She wasn’t on the rink in PyeongChang, but bluegrass singer, songwriter, and bandleader Kim Robins took a fall on the ice Saturday evening, and suffered a serious concussion when her head hit the ground. Kim says that the way she tumbled, her head took the full force of the blow, and she spent the night in the hospital near her home in Bloomington, IN. As you can see, Kim looks much happier in the photo above right than she does in the hospital wearing a neck brace. When we spoke with her this…Read more

Kyle Estep to Kim Robins 

Posted on January 17, 2018 By John Lawless

Kim Robins has announced an addition to her touring band, 40 Years Late. Kyle Estep has joined the group on guitar, taking the spot previously occupied by Kim’s bandleader, Chris Martin, who has moved to bass following the departure of Jade Bacon. 

Kyle had been performing with his brother and their father in Michigan’s New County Grass. For the time being, he plans to work shows with both bands, as Kim says that their schedules do not conflict at this point. 

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Kim Robins on the prowl for a fiddle player 

Posted on August 1, 2017 By John Lawless

Kim Robins, recently signed with Pinecastle Records and boasting of a new album, Raining In Baltimore, just released, is now on the hunt for a full-time fiddler for her touring band, 40 Years Late. 

2017 has been a good year so far for Kim, and she says that she is ready to commit to a new band member, as opposed to using fill-in fiddlers as she has been doing so far. 

“I feel like the material is creative and fun to play and will challenge a fiddle player, giving…

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Raining In Baltimore – Kim Robins Posted on July 12, 2017 By John Lawless 

One is given to wonder what or who is responsible when an artist on the rise makes a huge leap forward from one recording to the next, such as we see on Raining In Baltimore from Kim Robins, set for release next week on Pinecastle Records. 

Robins’ debut album, 40 Years Late, hit in 2013 and showed great promise from an artist who had been away from performing and recording for many years. But what explains the dramatic improvement on this new project, in her singing, song selection, and overall…

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